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Directions to our Location

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Our Mission

Kingswood Community Center’s mission is to enable people in Northeast Wilmington and surrounding communities to achieve their potential economic, social and personal well-being. Our long term plan is to critically examine present programs and assess future needs of these programs and the center at large. Our plan will then serve as a driving force behind Kingswood's vision for future growth and development.

Our Vision

Our vision for Kingswood includes upgrading existing facilities and the strategic investigation, assessment and evaluation of plans for a capital campaign to build a facility capable of housing all of our many programs under one roof.

The History

Kingswood Community Center has been serving the Wilmington Community for 65 years. It was started by a group of concerned residents in 1946 who convinced the Kingswood United Methodist Church to open its doors to local youth for After-school activities. It has grown into what is today the Kingswood Community Center, Inc.

By 1956 the organization had outgrown the 14th and Claymont Street building and, with the assistance of local foundations and philanthropists, built a new facility at their current location, 2300 Bowers Street.

Today, Kingswood operates several programs that service the needs of a community that suffers from unemployment, widespread poverty, deteriorating housing, rampant crime and drug activity. Kingswood offers a multitude of programs that support the needs of families in our area including: day care, after-school sessions for youth, computer education labs, health education seminars, meals and activities for senior citizens, job training and placement, housing placement aid, utility bill payment help, a food bank plus other referral and support systems which sustain families as a unit.

Greetings from Bernadette P. Winston - Executive Director

Bernadette P.Winston

As Executive Director, in conjunction with our Board of Directors, I am committed to diligently evaluate each program and to enforce administrative policies and contracts. I am further committed to solidifying our finances and increasing fundraising. Kingswood has been a pillar of strength in this area since 1946 with continued growth and your continued support we vow to continue to serve, educate and empower those we serve.